Letter Against Spirit Airline

On Jan 7, I used my preferred online site CheapTickets to reserve two seats for a five day trip to Bogota Colombia for family health issue.

I select Spirit Airlines for convenient Airport location having departure from La Guardia airport, 15 minutes from our place was a plus. The price was also attractive but no really cheaper than any other airlines ($1,265.78 for 2). On February 14 we got to the airport around 4:30 AM plenty of time before our 6:45 AM flight. At the counter the agent informed us the we had to pay for our check bags. I tried to explain that we weren’t informed of that practice and the agent respond that is a normal rule for airlines on a domestic flight, I respond that our flight was not domestic for us, we were going to Colombia. We end up paying $90 for two bags.

We board at the correct time around 6:00 AM and everything look okay for a takeoff at 6:45 AM at 7:30 AM we were still on the runway, the company didn’t mention anything special. We finally took off, of course nothing was offered, no chips, no soda but we could buy refreshment. Getting closer to Fort Lauderdale Hollywood International Airport (FLL) the company starts to informed us that they didn’t have communication with the terminal but they will help with the connective flights, we arrived at 10:30 AM instead of 9:48 AM. We asked for the connection information for Bogota, the personal send us to the Service Desk where a woman informed us that the flight was gone and that the next flight was tomorrow at 10:30 AM. The agent spoke with her manager and “offer” us a pink flyer (voucher) with a hotel hotline phone number or online reservation. Before taking that route, we spend an hour online to try to find an alternative, JetBleu the flight was already gone with Avianca we had to go back to NYC, we tried to find flights from Miami Airport with LAN and Continental but either not enough time to get there onetime (45 minutes by car) or too expensive.

We end up having to stay at Fort Lauderdale overnight, we use the voucher online and got a $87.70 deal at Days Inn, 10 minutes from the airport. We took the hotel’s van and got a room.

The next day we took the van back at 8 AM got our boarding pass and check the luggage. We went to gate H8 and sat there until 10 AM for boarding, we got in the queue and went we show our boarding pass one of the agents told us the one of our carry on bag was too big, that we had to pay $100, we try to explain that we took a flight yesterday and didn’t have that issue. The agent told us that we had to go to the Service counter now before we lose the flight, so we went to gate H5, where ten people were already in line, we tried to get attention from the agent (the same woman that the day before) of course, she told us to do the line like anybody else. So we wait there and when came our turn she asked for the boarding pass and Credit Card I gave them with some energy, making sure she understood that weren’t not happy with the service, she ask me to give them nicely, at the same time on the PA they were asking for us, Yolanda (my wife) return to gate H8 to speak with the agent during the time that i was finishing to paid an other $100 for ONE carry-on luggage. We were the last people to get on board. We finally arrive to Bogota on time.

For the return, I took my precaution and went online to the site the day before, to check-in and registered the luggage, of course I paid again $70 for the bags. After going through the check-in process I got a message “We apologize but the following do not qualify for online check-in and must check-in with the agent at the counter”. The next day at the airport everything went without any problem, until Fort Lauderdale (FL) where we arrive around 7 PM and had to be on gate H8 at 7:30 PM for our flight at 8:13 PM with in between, going through a line for immigration, collect our bags, go through another line for custom, drop our bags and go through our third lines for security and run to the gate. When we arrive at the gate we learned that the flight was delayed until 8:50 PM. We finally arrived to NYC at midnight instead of 10:59 PM.

In conclusion we paid a regular price for a flight to Bogota $630 X 2 plus an extra $347.7 and lost a day in Florida. Spirit Airlines was the worst company that I traveled with in 30 years. Spirit is the number one worst airlines ever.

David Andersson