New York City War Spending & Trade-Offs, 2001-2010

According to the National Priorities Project, as of April, 2010, taxpayers in New York City have paid $35 billion for total Iraq and Afghanistan war spending since 2001. For the same amount of money, the following could have been provided for NY City:

6,446,698 People with Health Care for One Year OR
674,697 Public Safety Officers for One year OR
532,385 Music and Arts Teachers for One Year OR
5,819,500 Scholarships for University Students for One Year OR
6,298,691 Students receiving Pell Grants of $5550 OR
198,718 Affordable Housing Units OR
12,215,852 Children with Health Care for One Year OR
3,982,880 Head Start Places for Children for One Year OR
404,896 Elementary School Teachers for One Year OR
65,448,161 Homes with Renewable Electricity for One Year

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