2018-05-30 Life is Sacred, Screening and Discussion with Antanas Mockus at NYU 10/20/2015
9/12/15 HVP May 4th Celebration 2015 - 05022015
Antanas Mockus Spoke at NYU HVP hard work weekend
MLK Day #CarryTheNames #ImagineJustice 2014-12-05
2014-10-22 2014-08-15
ArtCommons Party at Espresso 77 Jackson Heights ArtCommons Caravan
My American Hereos in Sunnyside 2014-05-13
Latin American Regionalism - April 29 in Sunnyside Sunnyside under the snow Part 2
Snow at School Sunnyside under the snow
2014-01-19 HVP visit of Djigo
Today in NYC Con los amigos en Chile
Todosalamoneda last Press Conference in Chile Closing event for the campaign Todos a la Moneda
TNV CL medianoche with Wilfredo Closing Event with Marcel Claude at Quilicura Santiago de Chile
Presentation of the book La Unidad en la accion by Dario Ergas Francisco Figueroa's Closing Event at Balmaceda Park in Santiago de Chile
2013-10-31 Emiko and Amanuel's Wedding a HVP
Video chat in NYC with Marcel Claude's Campaign Video chat in NYC with Marcel Claude's Campaign
HVP June 22nd 2013 Deutsche Welle Conference Day Three 06192013
Deutsche Welle Conference Day Two 06182013 Deutsche Welle Conference Day One 06172013
Irma's 30th Anniversary with Queens Community House May 9: Hearings for Immigrant’s Voting Rights
May 9: Rally for Immigrant’s Voting Rights in NYC Press Conference for Intro 410 in Jackson Heights 04062013
Rally in Support of Maduro in NYC 04192013 April 15th Press Conference
Immigrant Award in JH 05152013 NYCEVR Press Conference 04152013
JH Candidates Forum 04/11/2013 1st Help and Study weekend at the Park
Immigration Town Hall 04032013 Building The Commons: 2013 Forum Day 2
Building The Commons: 2013 Forum Day 1 Rally to End Gun Violence in NYC
2013-03-20 La Cabaña Sopo
La Cabaña Sopo Colombia 02 2013
2013-02-06 2013-01-30
Local Matters: This Is What Democracy Should Look Like Nov 27 2012 HVP Stele Construction
Work at the Park Nov 2nd 2012 2012-10-29
Sandy in Sunnyside Oct 29 2012 EMERGENCY TOWN HALL MEETING
HVP Volunteer Weekend by Kurt HVP work on Saturday
HVP work on Friday Vigil Organized By The Sikh Community in NYC 08/08/2012
Alex in NYC Occupy Town Square in Queens
RENACIMIENTO LATINOAMERICANO 07 19 2012 Gabriella Callender and Mark Lesseraux at THE LIVING ROOM
Visit Noam Chomsky 07/12/2012 Venezuelan Heritage Night at Citi Field 07052012
HVP Benches 2012 HVP Benches and more 06/02/2012
Solidarity with GlobalMay an other City is Possible Rally in Times Square 05/15/2012 Mendoza Argentina 05 2012
May Day 2012 NYC Profile Photos
Building the Culture of the Commons in Queens Mar 24 2012 Forum of the Commons Feb 16-18 2012
OWS Nov 17 Rally NYC OWS Back to Zuccotti Park
1st General Assembly Occupy Queens Nov 7 2011 Press Conference City Hall
HVP First Snow 10 29 2011 NYCEVR Sikh Temple Richmond Hill 10/23/2011
HVP Item4 10/23/2011 #M15 Oct 15 2011 Madrid Puerto del Sol
#M15 Oct 15 2011 Madrid the Kid OWS w/ Kofre and Earthdriver Oct 9 2011
Assemblea en Español en Nueva York Oct 9 2011 March in Support to Occupy Wall Street Oct 5 2011
#OccupyWallStreet Oct 4 2011 Silo in Hungary in 1994
Blue Smoke NYC 08/23/2011 Democracy for All Festival 08/20/2011
Resident Voting Rights Scrapbook Photos
NYCEVR Queens Priide 2011 NYCEVR New School Event 03232011
Egypt Rally Time Square 02042011 NYCEVR Nov 1st Press Conference 2010
Conservation of Fire Workshop at the HV Park Oct 30 2010 One Nation March - Oct 2nd 2010 - Washington DC
Family, Bogota 09 2010 Andres Carne de Res 09252010
Vigil on Sept. 10 2010 for Equality, Diversity & Religious Freedom HVP 1st Retreat of the Disciples 08072010
HVP 1st Retreat of the Disciples 08072010 photos by Roy Voting Rights for NYC Residents at BMCC July 27th 2010
Visit Esopus Park 05/23/2010 NPT Rally 05022010
WM PdV 01 2010 Trip to Chile and Argentina 01 2010
WM Santiago de Chile 01 2010 World March Lincoln Memorial, Dec 2nd, Washington DC
Word March, Dec 1st in New York Celebration for the World March at the Riverside Church in NYC Nov 30th
World March in NYC Nov 30 '09 (Photos from Yelema Posniak) Oct 2nd launching of the World March events in NYC
Bed-In NYC Central Park 081609 Hiroshima Day NYC 08/06/09
From Formal to Real Democracy 111908 2nd International Day of Non Violence 2008 NYC
NYCEVR Press Conference at City Hall NYCEVR Gay Pride JH June 1st 08
Welcome Evo to NYC 042108 Screening of La Americana
Grupo Latino Son DC 03/21/08 Democratic Rights NYU Symposium 2/29 & 3/1 2008
Oct 12 07 No-Match SS LIC Oct 2nd NYC 2007 Day of Non-Violence
Hispanic Desfile Queens 093007 Un Dia con Evo Morales en Nueva York 092307
Diversity Center 1st Year Celebration 092107 NY Driver License 092107
Desfile Mexicano NYC Madison Ave 09-16-2007 Montebello Canada 08 20-21 2007 2
Press Conf Immigration JH 70107 Red Buff 062307
Washington DC 061907 NV Forum Aaron
NV Forum Queens 060907 Street Action Against Guest Workers Program
NYC Women March 01212017